Our Story

Focused on quality


This all started when I wanted to stop smoking. So through out a typical beginner vapeing process, I tried all the typical so called (start up mods and juices), and I did not like it. But I wasn’t going to give up. I have friends that quit smoking by vaping so I pressed on. So I started upgrading my mods and tanks. Then I came across a juice that i liked, and it didn’t give me a headache or heartburn. A few months went by then BAM. The company discontinued my favorite juice.

So I started trying other (top shelf or premium) juices. I wasn’t happy with any of them. Even had one juice make me sick to the point that I was out of work for 2 days. That just made me mad. So growing up on a North Carolina farm, We didn’t buy anything that we couldn’t build or make ourselves (which was better than anything we could buy).  And being very picky about my flavors, I started researching everything. I found the best products available and started ordering. I went through a lot of juice before I found the right combinations. So after about a year a fellow vaper at work asked if I had any juice that he could get because he had ran out. So I gave him some of my Double Shot Kiwi that I make. The next day when I got to work there were 2 other guys waiting on me. They said hey we want to get some of that juice too, It taste good. What other flavors you got? So I set out making other flavors. I started to let the guys at work try them and the orders started coming in. They were buying some for there wifes, girlfriends, cousins and side girlfriends haha. So one thing led to another and here we are.

I made it a point to make sure that ALL of our flavors are great all day vapes. With a clean flavor that wont gum up your mouth. I wanted something I could vape all day without getting tired of. Hope ya’ll all enjoy my juices. And thanks for stopping in.